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He is a basketball innovator that is always looking for what's
next and how he can better himself and those he is working with. The
skills, drills, and techniques, Luke teaches are cutting edge and
certainly gave me an advantage heading back to competition each year.

I feel very privileged to have been able to workout with Luke and owe
a lot of my success to him.

- Shane, Tulsa University


I started training with Luke in high school. I was a developing player with size and I knew I had to improve my offense. I was not aware of the different up-tempo drills and techniques used in his training, and working on these specific things helped me to be a more dynamic player.

I earned a four year college basketball scholarship and I continually used Luke’s drills and techniques to develop my game. I become a threat on offense not only with a jump shot but with the ability to drive as well. I started to develop a scoring mentality that didn’t let up; I was finally that player on offense that always needed a defender on him that had to play me straight up without being able to identify my weaknesses.

- Zach, Loras College

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