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Coach LukeCoach Luke

Has succeeded on many levels of basketball from high school, college, semi-professional, and professionally overseas. He knows what it takes to get to the next level.

Even though he is under 6’0” tall, cannot dunk a basketball, and from the suburbs, he succeeded through hard work, playing experience, and the knowledge learned from accomplished coaches and former players with similar physical characteristics.

Some accomplishments he has earned includes: all-state honors, a full-ride division one college basketball scholarship, awarded “Top 3 Point Guard of All-time” by his German Professional Team. Every team Coach Luke has played for except one had a winning season.

Currently, Coach Luke is dedicated to advancing the game of basketball to the highest level possible. He is committed to creating, discovering, and perfecting the essential basketball techniques, skills, and mentalities needed to maximize serious players basketball ability in the quickest time possible. He’ll teach you what he’s taught other highly successful basketball players: how to beat players that are taller and more athletic, show you the most effective basketball moves available today, and maximize your basketball potential.

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